Officially an aidman!

So many things going wrong.

I love having a legitimate excuse to not have valentines day plans.

he wanted to go to a hospital because he didn’t feel well and couldn’t walk. so we transported him. and i was doing vitals and asking some questions. while i was taking bp, he was like “this lady is the only one who cares about me and she’s the prettiest out of all y’all.” i was riding with all guys. and he asked for my name and number. HA. like i gave it to him. this happened repeatedly and more in the hospital. it was hilarious. and my whole crew was laughing so hard the whole time. but they said i was a champ with him so that was awesome.

spent the whole day at the station and got some good calls. i love everyone at the squad! love the brotherhood/family.

hopefully, it will be one of those nights where i don’t sleep.

hopefully we will get some good calls

they just aren’t too nice to the patients and have really big egos because they are paid to do the same jobs we volunteer to do. but today was a lot of fun! i hopped on the medic as they were dispatched for syncope. so we transported and i helped the medic with the IV. he pushed atropine and put the pads on just in case he started to code. we got to the hospital and they were like he is the sickest patient in our hospital. he has an AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm). he was decreasing as we were leaving, but probably about an hour and a half later when we transported a priority 1 stroke patient, he was intubated! it was a good day.

Jessica Ghawi, 24
Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6
John Larimer, 27
Jesse Childress, 29
Alexander Boik, 18
Jonathan Blunk, 26
Rebecca Wingo, 32
Alex Sullivan, 27
Gordon Cowden, 51
Micayla Medek, 23
Alexander Teves, 24
Matthew McQuinn, 27

it never ends. not that i mind.

but i’m not staying the night because i have an exam tomorrow morning

uh oh.

today in class, our teachers made us do CPR compressions for 30 minute intervals just to make sure we could “push hard, push fast, push deep”. and then, there were about 30 dummies scattered on the floor so whenever one of us stepped over or on the dummy/patient, we had to do 25 push ups. also they wouldn’t let us to do girl push ups. they had to be the full ones. so i did 175 push ups today. while sweating out twice my body weight. 

welcome to the academy.

I was on the medic and we were dispatched to a working code at 3:00 am. We did all steps in the protocol but when we arrived at the hospital, I was still doing compressions (I had been doing them since on scene). Our medic told me to keep going so I RODE THE COT INTO THE HOSPITAL WHILE DOING COMPRESSIONS! There was a team ready and it was a full ER so I even had an audience! It was fantastic. 1 hour of sleep and I don’t even care.

also good times when i broke 2 ribs and the intercostal cartiledge…

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